putois (c.1250)

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putois (c.1250)

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[ FEW: 9,633b putidus; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,450c putois; TL: 7,2114 putois; DEAF:  put (putois); DMF:  putois; TLF:  putois; OED: ; MED:  put(e)s; DMLBS: 2587c putacius /2589a putois ]
pitois,  pitoyes;  puteys,  putoys,  putosie  i 368  


1mammalszool.polecat, small ferret-like animal with dark-brown fur, Mustela putorius
( MS: c.1250 )  De animalibus silvestribus [...] Hic petoncius: putois  i 418
( c.1250; MS: 1307-25 )  Putois (M.E. fulimard) li aynel afraie  258
( MS: s.xiii2 )  putoys, pitois: fetontrus  i 368
( s.xivin; MS: 1382 )  Putois garit (M.E. Fulmarde scremyth)  747
(TBD)  pitoydes: putoys / puteys / bulmerdes (l. fulmerdes) / putois, fulmard / [f]ulmert, pitoyes  ii 141-42.74
mauputois  put#1  putage  putain  putainer  pute#1  putee#1  puteer  putel  puteleime  putement  puter  putere  puteresse  puterie  putevile  putie 
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