profundesce (s.xii1)

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profundesce (s.xii1)

[ hap]

[ FEW: 9,433b profundus; Gdf: 6,426a profondece; GdfC: ; TL: ; DEAF: ; DMF:  profondesse; TLF: ; OED:  profoundness n.; MED:  profoundness n.; DMLBS: 2495a profunditas ]
profondesse,  profoundesse,  profundesse  


1depth, the distance from the top downwards
( s.xiiiex; MS: s.xiv1/3 )  la langour, laour e la profundesce (of a wound)  32
( 1347-48 )  la profondesse […] de meisme le havene  ii 210
( 1354; MS: c.1360 )  par la largeour et par la profoundesse (of J.C.'s wound)  185.15
marit.(of water) depths, deep part of a body of water
( s.xii1; MS: s.xiim )  De Basan cunvertirai, cunvertirai des profundesces de la mer  115.LXVII.23
2bottom, deepest or lowest point
( MS: s.xiii )  Sed hec sumentem ex[h]ilerat vinum passum, in quo se quis admirari possit usque ad cifi profunditatem (gloss: profundesse), quod lacrimarum pen[i]tentia agentis claritati conformetur  i 183 and ii 112
profundity, intensity
( 1381-85; MS: s.xiv4/4 )  la meuresse des maners, honestetee de vie et la profundesse de lecture ount enhacez a greindre degree d’escoleuier  396.49
parfundee  parfundement  parfundesce  parfundeté  parfunt#1 
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