penun (c.1136-37)

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penun (c.1136-37)

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[ FEW: 8,538b pinna; Gdf: 6,84a penon; GdfC: ; TL: 7,654 penon; DEAF:  pene (penon); DMF:  pennon 1; TLF:  pennon; OED:  pennon n. / pinion n.2; MED:  penoun n. / pinion n.; DMLBS: 2179b penno ]
peniun,  pennon,  penon,  penoun;  pignon,  pignun;  pinoun;  pynun,  pavons (l. panons?)  

The sense ‘foot of a plough’ is attested solely in Bibbesworth manuscripts, with the Middle English gloss ‘plou fot’ excluding the possibility that the term refers to some sort of banner or emblem attached to the plow. The ‘foot of a plow’ is a ‘device attached to the beam of a plow to regulate the depth of the plowing’ (MED fot n.), and seems to bear little relation to the etymological meaning of ‘feather’, other than perhaps the shape of the part.


1orn.anat.zool.pinion, feather
( MS: s.xiv )  vola, pars ale: pynun  i 143
( MS: s.xiii/xiv )  palma, pars ale: peniun, ale  i 142
2weaponsmil.feather serving as the fletching of an arrow
( c.1136-37; MS: s.xiii1/3 )  Unc ne parurent li penun De la seete qu'il ot el cors  4418
3 pennon, banner, long and narrow flag (usually attached to a lance)
( s.xiiiin; MS: c.1300 )  la launce porta dreit o un long gonfainoun, O quater clous de argent fu fermé li penoun  574
( s.xiii1/4; MS: s.xiiim )  (in the distance) si choisid (=saw) les festes (=tops) De cinc cent triefs, les pignuns e les herberges  157
( 1370 )  avoec ses banreres et pignons  iii 899
( a.1399 )  deux baners de seint George et .lx. penouns  139.4
4agriculturalimplementfoot of a plough
( c.1250; MS: 1307-25 )  En la carue avez vous Divers nouns e merveillous: Primes le chef e le penoun (M.E. foth)  917
5(as a worthless object)
( s.xiiiin; MS: c.1300 )  le escu de son col ne li vaut un penoun, Ne le hauberk duble ne li vaut un botoun  579
desuz penun de
1lawunder the banner of, exercising the authority of a superior
( MS: c.1450 )  chascun paie la tierce a son seignur [...], et ce auxi bien ceux qe ne sont point a soulde, mes tantsoulement herbergent desouz banere ou pennon d'aucun capitaigne  456.xvi
empenum  peneis  penne#1  penné  penner#1  penner#2  penuncel 
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