oriel1 (c.1174)

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oriel1 (c.1174)

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[ FEW: 25,929a aulaeolum /23,19a galerie; Gdf: 5,693c oriol 2; GdfC: ; TL: 6,1284 orïol /6,1285 orïole; DEAF:  oriol 2 / oriol 2 (oriole); DMF:  oriol 2; TLF: ; OED:  oriel n.1; MED:  oriel n.1; DMLBS: 2056a oriolum 2 ]
oriole,  oreel,  orial,  oriell,  orielle,  oriol;  oryole  

The sense ‘balcony, gallery’, found in Middle English does not appear to be attested in Anglo-Norman, although some citations do not provide conclusive evidence as to what part of a building is being referred to. The word seems to have had some amorous association as well, in that a lady’s oriel would have led to her private bedroom (cf. the citations from Amadas and bibb roth).


1archit.oriel, small room ancillary to the main edifice, ante-chamber
( s.xiiiin; MS: s.xiiim )  Cum est venu el oriol Saut lui le quer  (V) 898
( c.1250; MS: s.xivin )  (the song of the cuckoo) Plus est delyt en l'oriol (gloss: de la chaumbre) Escoter la noyse del oriol (M.E. wodewale)  599
( 1380 )  [...] cestassavoir demy l'orielle et le fin del grant chambre attravers et de l'autre part quinsze pees  ii 290
( 1423-24 )  Item pur werkyng de .iijC. lb. plumb pur le rof d'un oreel et un quartron pur keveryng d'un hautpas over the kechyn dore, somme de tout .iiij. s. .iiij. d.  2.Hen VI
archit.porch, entrance hall
( c.1174; MS: s.xiiiin )  A l'uis de la chambre out un oriol fermé, Dreit devers le chardin  5401
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