ludgar (1280-1307)

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ludgar (1280-1307)


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The word is an abbreviated form of loup de guerre - also attested in Anglo-Norman (see sub guerre). The term is used as a name for one of the largest medieval trebuchets ever built, and is also attested in Latin (lupus belli in the Flores Historiarum or lupus guerrae in contemporary account rolls, cf. DMLBS lupus 2 1662b), and English (war-wolf in seventeenth-century chronicles, cf. OED sub war wolf n.).


1mil.weaponsWar-wolf, Loup de Guerre, giant trebuchet that was built during the siege of Stirling Castle, Scotland in 1304
( 1280-1307; MS: s.xiv1 )  Entre ses aferes ly roys fet carpenter Une engine orrible et Ludgar apeler (var. Ludgar le fit appeller (Y)MS: c.1327); Et cel a son hurtyr crevoyt le mure enter  417.2283
guerre  leu#1 
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