incurable (s.xiii2/4)

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incurable (s.xiii2/4)


[ FEW: 2/ii,1562a curare; Gdf: ; GdfC: 10,6c incurable; TL: 4,1370 incurable; DEAF: I190 incurable; DMF:  incurable; TLF:  incurable; OED:  incurable adj. and n.; MED:  incurable adj.; DMLBS: 1317a incurabilis ]


1med.(of disease, wound) incurable
( s.xiii2/4; MS: s.xiii3/4 )  Lientere qui vient de dissintere que l'en a eu devant si jujons nos a incurable  i 223
( 1354; MS: c.1360 )  c’est qe la plaie est moelt mortel et si incurable qe nul medicine ne la purroit eider ne garrir  216
theol.(of vice, moral fault) impossible to root out, that cannot be cured
( c.1360-79; MS: s.xivex )  Luxure ensi q’est incurable Fait tache en l’alme plus grevable  9643
2ruined, unrealizable
( 1402 )  le dite comune profit serra incurable pur toutz jours  iii 518
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